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Whether you want to make one-time contributions or create a legacy plan, United Charitable is here to support your philanthropic journey. Start now.

Driving generosity. Strategically.

You don’t just want to give- you want to give when you’re ready. A donor advised fund (DAF) is the charitable vehicle that helps you do just that. Haven’t decided a cause? That’s okay, through a DAF you receive the maximum tax relief on the initial contribution. Then start your journey. Discover the causes you want to support, engage your children to participate, and start building your legacy. Let’s explore the ins and outs of charitable giving through a DAF.

DAFs that go the distance

As you embark on your charitable journey, we are here to make sure your charitable dollars are paving the way toward the change you want to see – whether that’s through family giving, inspiring the next generation or simply contributing to the causes you value most.

Million in donations for a variety of causes

In 2019, United Charitable donated out a total of $3.5 M through DAFs across a number of fields of interest, including religion, the environment, animal welfare – and more.

Building Lasting Legacies

We support over 400 DAFs that help families build their charitable legacy over generations.

Cross-country giving

At United Charitable, we manage DAFs in all 50 states – taking this preferred charitable vehicle all across the country.

Make your giving simple, flexible – and monumental

Explore all the reasons a DAF from United Charitable is the vehicle of choice for your charitable journey.

Give, flexibly

Choose your asset. Cash, marketable securities, privately held security, real estate – and more – can all go into your account.

Reap more tax benefits

Whichever assets you choose, as soon as you give them, you’ll receive the maximum tax benefits allowable by the IRS. Making a cash donation? You may be eligible for an income tax deduction of up to 60% of your adjusted gross income (AGI). Contributing marketable securities? Expect deductions of up to 30% of your AGI.

Name your fund

This is your legacy – and you have the freedom to name it (and shape it) accordingly.

Your values, your cause

Select the charities and causes that reflect your values – and teach the next generation the importance of giving back.

Work with your financial professional

You can work with your finance professional to grow your investment, tax-free, while you decide which charities to support.

Keep receipts simple

We make it easier for you to track your donations and the charities you’re supporting with our DAF platform. Once you contribute money to your account, you receive a charitable receipt. From there, recommend all the grants you want without worrying about receiving receipts for each donation – or unwanted solicitations by mail or phone.

Do giving your way

DAFs give you the gift of time to determine how and when to use your charitable dollars. For example, you might want to keep it in the family, leaving the next generation in charge of giving. Or you could designate a charity, such as an educational institution, in perpetuity, spreading out a legacy of giving over generations.

Your dollars go to the right place

We conduct due diligence on every grant recommendation, verifying IRS compliance and charitable purposes before sending any funds.

“When I started my foundation, Global Goods, I thought I might start my own 501(c)(3), but then I discovered how much money and work it would be. When I found United Charitable, I knew they would be a much better fit for my needs. They have supported my Donor Advised Fund with professionalism, competence, and true commitment through the years. Thanks to their care, I have been able to focus on my mission to support global education.”

– Jacqueline Rogers
  Primary Donor
  Global Goods DAF

Let’s take the next step, together

At United Charitable, we have the experience and expertise to make sure your charitable contributions go the distance. We administer DAFs from all over the country with a variety of missions. Our priority is supporting your charitable journey.