Our mission is to
support your
charitable journey.

About United Charitable

United Charitable invites you on a journey of charitable giving and charitable doing.

We are a nonprofit organization that works closely with wealth advisors and their clients to increase a donor’s ability to do more with their contributions while minimizing their tax liability through our Donor Advised Funds. We recognize donors are instrumental in expanding the capacity of the nonprofits they care about.

For those who are inspired to participate in charitable doing, we offer Fiscal Sponsorship where we simplify the complex needs of nonprofit administration so you, the program manager, can start working on your mission right away. Through Fiscal Sponsorship, we aggregate information, educational resources, and we streamline your operations.

People choose United Charitable because we personalize giving and receiving strategies through both sides of our business, Donor Advised Funds and Fiscally Sponsored Programs. Regardless of their contribution of time, talent, or treasure, the people who work with us become inspired change-makers in their communities.

Join us so you, too, can be an inspired change-maker!

Our Mission: To grow and support each charitable journey by providing simple customized vehicles that fulfill your philanthropic endeavors.

Here at United Charitable, we understand that each charitable journey is unique. We strive to support your goals and intentions every step of the way. With our friendly and knowledgeable staff, simple yet effective tools, and 24/7 portal, you can rest assured that your charitable journey is in the right hands. We invite you to join our community of inspired change-makers. We’re here for you!

Julia Healey
CEO United Charitable

Our Vision

We strive to inspire and elevate generosity locally and abroad for generations to come.

Our Values


UC vows to adhere to all professional and organizational rules, laws, and regulations, thereby solidifying good business practices.


UC will always act in the best interest of its clients, organization, and team members.


UC demonstrates its care for you and its team members by making client service a priority.


Building trust through strong relationships founded on honesty, dependability, and accountability


UC is dedicated to building a sustainable, successful organization by sharing a vision that inspires others, embracing new responsibilities and skills, and encouraging a collaborative work environment.

Our Recent News and Announcements

Charitable Journeys: Tom and Becky Marks

Charitable Journeys: Tom and Becky Marks

In the world of philanthropy, countless individuals dedicate their resources and energy to making a difference. Tom and Becky, donor advised fund clients of United Charitable, have a commitment to giving back that is unwavering. They believe that it is important to...