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You have a vision – and we have the tools, support and expertise to help you make it soar. Maximize your impact, and streamline your effort, when you partner with us through a fiscally sponsored program (FSP). Apply today.

You’re going to love your FSP. Why?

With fiscal sponsorship, you have the support you need to start moving on your mission immediately. As you pursue your goals, we’ll be your operational support, make sure you’re compliant with IRS guidelines, help you process donations securely – and much more.

Meet your fellow (inspired) change makers.

At United Charitable, we empower you to take action and make a real difference for your cause.  Check out some of the ways your fellow social entrepreneurs have effected change through fiscal sponsorship.

©UN Photo/Harandane Dicko


Working Together to Protect the Security and Rights of Children. Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict is a network of independent voices that advocate for children in war zones.

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Wicked Awesome Wishes

Wicked Awesome Wishes is a community focused charity organization founded by Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men CEO: Chad Johnson.

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©Dear Tomorrow Photo/Kirsi Jansa

Dear Tomorrow

DearTomorrow is a global climate storytelling project where people write climate messages to loved ones living in the future.

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Athletes For Charity

Athletes for Charity teams up with professional athletes, sports leagues and teams, various sports professionals, foster care agencies, the corporate sector, as well as volunteers and mentors, to empower and support the development of disadvantaged youth.

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A built-in support network. Just for you.

Focus on what matters

You focus on your mission and we’ll take care of detailed record keeping, accounting and compliance.  We can help you accept tax deductible donations, reduce administrative costs and process payroll for hired employees – all while your program and its activities are insured under our policy.

We’re just one call away

Our mission is to help yours come to life by making your program a successful vehicle for change. That means you can call on us, literally (or by email), and there’s a real person waiting to help you with strategy, best practices, resources and more. We’re on this journey together – and we don’t succeed until you make a positive difference for your cause.

Secure more donations and grants

You have access to fundraising tools like WeDidit,, CauseNetwork, and more, as well as dedicated onboarding support. You can also use secure online processing and accept credit card donations right from your website. And put your best foot forward when applying for private, local, state and federal grants with the support of our educational resources, experience and oversight.

Join a community dedicated to change

When you start an FSP with United Charitable, you’re in good company. Share your mission – and your passion – with a community of social entrepreneurs dedicated to causes that inspire.

“The support received from United Charitable’s staff and leadership has been invaluable, enabling us to serve over 100,000 youth and families. We are not just a program number for them. They know us by name, they know what we do, and they are always available when we need them for support.”

– Cathleen C. Laporte
  Founder/Program Manager
  Athletes for Charity

Accelerate change, wherever you go

The world needs your leadership, and fast. It’s time to set off on the charitable journey toward change. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.