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As a public charity, United Charitable takes our philanthropic responsibility very seriously. We ensure that every donation is captured and distributed effectively and securely, allowing each program to make the greatest possible impact.


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Use the search box below to find the Program and/or Donor Advised Fund you’re looking to donate to. Type in the name of the program or fund. If you’re having trouble you can use keywords to receive possible options.

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Maybe you don’t know an exact program or foundation to donate to, that’s fine!  We have plenty of awesome programs and foundations that are worthy of your donation. Try typing in keywords related to your charitable intent. e.g. “medical”, “animals”, “homeless”, or “veterans” to name just a few. Then press “search” and the options related to this field of interest will show up. If you need any assistance, you can reach us at, we’re here to help!

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Charitable Journeys: Kelly O’Brien and The Pacific Voyaging Society

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Charitable Journeys: Tom and Becky Marks

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