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Lead with Charity

Fred Baerenz, President and CEO of AOG Wealth Management, weaves philanthropy into his personal life and business. Learn how he gives and how incorporating charity into his business bolsters connection among staff and strengthens their organizational values.

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Instill Family Values

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The Claybrooks opened their fund in 2015 and have worked with their kids and grandkids to support over 50 organizations, including Herndon High School and their church.

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Use My Influence For Good

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Sometimes rallying a group of people to make an impact is more fun. Social entrepreneur, DJ Reader, matched his money and time to support a local high school in Cincinnati.

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Coming Soon: Honor their Loved One

Since 2013, this family has honored the loved one they lost. The I Will Wait for You: The Rick Salmastrelli Foundation program supports Lawrence High School and keeps Rick Salmastrelli’s spirit alive. They select students that make their community better by being active participants.

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