Design Resources for Homelessness

Help us share design knowledge that supports recovery from homelessness

Design Resources for Homelessness provides environmental design information and guidance to homelessness stakeholder organizations, the architecture + design community and others so that they can create effective housing and facilities that support homelessness recovery.

Your donation helps us translate research into action-based strategies for space planning, lighting, product specification and more, plus offer researchers grounding that leads to new findings and progress. 

Donations of any amount help us keep content free for everyone. For example,

$10.00 helps us share a Great Idea, a description of a small architectural feature that can make a big difference to a resident in need.

$20.00 supports our ability to post an Interview of an industry expert so that support staff can learn from others’ experiences

$50.00 helps us create a new Spotlight Report explaining the architectural needs of  a specific group, such as elderly people experiencing homelessness

$100.00 goes a long way toward the creation of a Case Study of a successful low-income housing project, spreading successful building design ideas to others

$250.00 helps offset the cost of a Checklist of Best Practices, helping shelters and low-income housing project designers include research-informed features that really matter to residents

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Do I get a receipt?

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We will not share or sell a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.


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