Charitable Journeys: Tom and Becky Marks

May 31, 2024

In the world of philanthropy, countless individuals dedicate their resources and energy to making a difference. Tom and Becky, donor advised fund clients of United Charitable, have a commitment to giving back that is unwavering. They believe that it is important to support a mix of local, national and international charitable causes, recognizing that every community deserves a helping hand. Tom and Becky’s United Charitable donor advised fund plays a pivotal role in facilitating this approach. It gives them the flexibility and efficiency to distribute their contributions to various organizations, both near and far.

A cause that lies especially close to Tom and Becky’s hearts is Best Friends Animal Society, an animal welfare organization dedicated to creating a world where there are no more homeless pets. Best Friends Animal Society is focused on ensuring all of America has no-kill shelters by 2025. This mission resonates deeply with the Marks, who have adopted all their pets through local shelters, including their two current cats. Best Friends Animal Society is renowned for saving the lives of animals nationwide. With their tireless efforts in adoption, rescue, and advocacy, the organization embodies the change that Tom and Becky wish to see in the world.

An integral part of Best Friends Animal Society’s impact is its animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah, which cares for up to 1,600 dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, horses, pigs, and other animals on any given day. It is the largest sanctuary of its kind and a chance for supporters to see the organization’s impact on the animals it cares for and protects. Recently, Tom and Becky visited the sanctuary, and seeing the impact it had on the lives of the animals in its care further bolstered their support of the organization.

In addition to Best Friends Animal Society, Tom and Becky have directly supported two local animal welfare organizations, including the Humane Society of Huron Valley and the Michigan Animal Rescue League, and many other charitable causes. The Marks’ donor advised fund has contributed to 30 charities since it started in 2021, providing needed support to a variety of human service agencies, emergency assistance, medical research, education, arts, culture, and faith-based services. The convenience and flexibility of United Charitable’s donor-advised funds make it an ideal choice for individuals like Tom, who wish to support a diverse range of causes. Tom and Becky’s compassionate giving journey embodies the positive change one can create when they are driven by causes they care deeply about. Their unwavering support for local, national, and international causes showcases the power of philanthropy in fostering a stronger, more compassionate society.

Tom being greeted at a recent trip to the Best Friends visitor center.

Tom and Becky’s rescue cats, Carey and Luna.

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