Charitable Journeys: Jonathan Smith and Buy One Build One

Mar 15, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate philanthropy, Jonathan Smith, the visionary behind Brush Arbor Homes, has crafted a remarkable initiative – Buy One Build One. Established in 2016 in collaboration with United Charitable, this Corporate Giving Program transcends traditional boundaries, embodying Smith’s dedication to serving the overlooked and underserved. This blog post delves into the profound impact created by Buy One Build One, with a spotlight on Jonathan Smith’s transformative vision.

Brush Arbor Homes, under the leadership of Jonathan Smith, extends its reach beyond the housing industry. Smith’s commitment to community welfare has given rise to Buy One Build One, exemplifying the belief that businesses can be a powerful force for positive change. Driven by Jonathan Smith’s strategic vision, Brush Arbor Homes chose to establish a Corporate Donor Advised Fund through United Charitable. This move laid the foundation for Buy One Build One, providing a structured platform for impactful philanthropy guided by Smith’s foresight.

United Charitable’s partnership with Brush Arbor Homes plays a pivotal role in the success of Buy One Build One. The collaboration ensures seamless management of Corporate DAFs, allowing for the effective execution of Smith’s philanthropic endeavors.

The impact of Buy One Build One shines through their missions, which include a mission to a Mayan community in Guatemala, where Buy One Build One, in collaboration with Cornerstone Chapel, provided medical and dental services to over 500 people. Smith’s hands-on approach underscores the program’s commitment to addressing critical needs and enhancing community well-being.

Jonathan Smith’s Buy One Build One initiative goes beyond bricks and mortar; it restores dignity, hope, and purpose. This inspiring narrative showcases that through Smith’s leadership, collective action, and genuine compassion, lasting change is possible. To learn more about Jonathan Smith’s vision and join the mission of Buy One Build One, explore their website. Together, as a community of inspired changemakers, we can all embark on our unique charitable journeys and build a brighter future for all.


Images provided by Buy One Build One.

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