Charitable Journeys: Buy One Build One

Jul 12, 2023

Buy One Build One, a corporate giving program of United Charitable started by Brush Arbor Homes in 2016, is driven to help serve people. Partnering with local teams and organizations, Buy One Build One focuses on constructing homes and care centers to meet the needs of those who are often overlooked – widows, orphans, and people with disabilities. Through their holistic approach and collaboration with specialized groups, they aim to address various needs and provide essential services to those who have never had access before.

On a recent trip to a small Mayan community near Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, Buy One Build One, in partnership with Cornerstone Chapel, was able to help over 500 people. Many in the community had never seen a doctor or a dentist, but thanks to the dedicated team on the ground, medical and dental services were provided to those in need. The impact of these services cannot be overstated, as they contribute to the overall well-being and quality of life of the individuals and families involved.

Jonathan Smith, the program manager of Buy One Build One, shared a powerful story about a young man named Tigre. As a child, Tigre suffered a tragic accident resulting in losing his arm and leg due to a high-voltage electric shock. Recognizing Tigre’s determination and the challenges he faced, Buy One Build One constructed a home for him and his aging mother in Panajachel, Guatemala. Additionally, another organization called Hope to Walk provided him with prosthetic limbs. Despite his own disability, Tigre chose to serve others by working for Hope to Walk, building prosthetics for individuals in need.

Buy One Build One’s mission extends beyond physical structures and services; it encompasses the restoration of dignity, hope, and purpose in the lives of those they assist. By partnering with churches and specialized organizations, they adopt a comprehensive approach to meet the unique needs of each community they serve. This holistic approach allows them to address immediate needs while empowering individuals to contribute positively to society.

The impact of Buy One Build One’s work resonates deeply with the hearts and minds of the communities they touch. Through their efforts, they provide tangible and intangible support, transforming lives and offering a brighter future to the most marginalized. Buy One Build One is an inspiring example of how collective action and genuine compassion can create lasting change, reminding us that together, we can build a world where everyone has access to necessities and the opportunity to thrive. To learn more about Buy One Build One, check out their website!

Photos provided by Buy One Build One

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