Philanthropy Feel Intimidating? Here is what to do.

Aug 24, 2022

“I have no idea where to start.”

“What I do won’t have an impact.”

“I don’t consider myself a philanthropist; I just want to support a few organizations in my community.”

At United Charitable, we are honored to be able to support our clients on their charitable journeys. We often hear comments like those above – but we wish we didn’t! A philanthropist, by definition, is a person who seeks to promote the welfare of others. Every member of our community of inspired change-makers is a philanthropist, and you likely are too!

We recently met with Robert Dudek, Primary Advisor of The Rainbow of Hope Freedom Foundation, which you can learn more about here: Robert, a philanthropist himself, joined us in a conversation about how it can be hard to become involved when beginning your charitable journey feels intimidating. By outlining three rules to stick to, philanthropy can be a simple and impactful journey – and United Charitable is here to help! Below are the three steps Robert believes are a basic framework for making a difference.


1. Educate yourself.

Learn about various causes and see which strikes a chord for you. Learn about the cause and why it is important to you. No cause is too niche nor too well known – whichever cause (or causes) lights a fire in you is valid and worthwhile!

2.Tell others.

Share your passion with others! Awareness of causes is essential to the philanthropic process and allows you to share your passion for the cause with others.

3. Get involved. You can support your cause by donating your time or your money! Whether you are covering the cost of food for a local family or volunteering to pack the food for distribution, you are making an impact!

“Everyone has a cause- they just need to find it.”

Robert Dudek

The Rainbow of Hope Freedom Foundation

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