2021 Resolutions: Charitable Giving

Jan 14, 2021

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Add Charitable Giving to your New Year’s Resolution


As we begin a new year, we find ourselves reflecting on the year before and preparing for the year in front of us. According to Forbesmore than 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, work out, save money, get a promotion, get a raise, and more. As you work on resolutions such as these, we encourage you to add charitable giving to your 2021 resolutions list. Here are a few reasons why adding charitable giving to your resolutions is a worthwhile decision. 



“Be an Inspired Change Maker”


Especially after a year like 2020, the need for community support is crucial. Through your UC giving vehicle, embark on your charitable journey and act on the change you want to see. Support the charitable organizations whose missions are directly addressing the problems that you care about. Be inspired by their work and inspire others in your community to join you in supporting them. Charitable giving through a Donor Advised Fund is also a great way to include the family. Bring your family together around a common charitable mission based on your family values. Together decide on the organizations you want to donate to—what better resolution than to inspire change and encourage the next generation through charitable giving.


Simple and Effective


Sticking to that healthy living resolution might be difficult, especially in the face of all the delicious temptations surrounding us, deep-dish pizza, freshly made donuts, you get the point. ? On the other hand, charitable giving, when using a Donor Advised Fund, is simple and effective. You can give freely and confidently, knowing that all your donations are going to properly vetted charitable organizations. Don’t get discouraged counting calories or, in this case, keeping track of your receipts. Your online portal offers all the information you need at the touch of a button. So, unlike staying away from the new Pistachio Latte at Starbucks*, you won’t have to work hard at keeping your charitable giving resolution.


Discover New Possibilities


A great way to stay engaged with your charitable giving resolution is to research and learn about new organizations that intrigue your mission interest. With information services specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofits such as GuideStar and Charity Navigator, discovering new organizations and learning about them is right at your fingertips. Search your local area or perhaps search organizations that fit with your mission. The possibilities are vast, with over 1.8 million charitable organizations listed just on Guidestar.     



Start your New Year, New Journey by reaching out to us to learn more! Your charitable vehicle awaits!      


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