2020 Year End Giving

Dec 21, 2020


Providing Support During 

Year End Giving




“Sometimes the longest journey we make is the sixteen inches from

our heads to our hearts.”

– Elena Avila





United Charitable joins you on your charitable journey, a journey of both head and heart. 



Tips to Consider Before Year-End:


  1. Engage Your Community of Professionals.
    Benefit from a conversation with your chosen trusted professionals to help answer any questions about the impact your gifts may have on your taxes or estate.


  1. Take a Moment to Look Back.
    Use your DonorView to look back at your past giving history. Do you notice a field of interest that has spoken to you more during this year? Perhaps you want to close out the year with a generous gift to a special organization.


  1. Take a Moment to Look Forward.
    It is the perfect time to think about your giving goals for this coming year. Is there anything you want to make sure you complete before the new year is upon us?


  1. Be Aware: Do you have a matching gift program opportunity?
    Have you considered checking if your employer or a community organization you are a member of has a gift matching program? In some cases, you can even double the impact of your gift through such programs.


  1. Give early!
    Remember to get your gifts in before or on December 31st!


A gift made by check is considered complete by the postmark date.

A credit card gift is complete by the date on which your credit card is charged.

Other forms of gifts, such as appreciated securities, real estate, or stocks are more complex, so don’t wait.

Reach out now!

  1. Grant Easy & Rest Easy!
    You know United Charitable will do their due diligence, making sure all your donations are going to properly vetted 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.

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