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The Mission:

The main goal of Inner City Wrestling is to get our youth off the streets and the corners of their neighborhoods and onto the mats of our program. Our program aims to educate and expose students to the sport of wrestling. Through wrestling, our students learn to enhance their social, intellectual, and emotional skills. The program provides a safe space and mentorship for personal growth.  Every year, Inner City Wrestling offers a scholarship award to a player that has exemplified exceptional skills and teamwork. The winner is awarded a $1000.00 scholarship to be used toward higher education goals. 

Requirements to Apply:

  1. Perfect attendance during Wrestling Season (or equivalent).
  2. A recommendation letter from a coach or athletic director.
  3. At least one additional letter of recommendation.
  4. A resume outlining wrestling accomplishments, academic achievements, and extracurricular/community involvement.
  5. An essay containing at least 500 words, answering a provided question.
  6. At least one photo (preferably a yearbook-style photo).

To Apply:

  1. Submit Attendance Record for the full season. 

  2. Submit your recommendation letter from your coach or athletic director.

  3. Submit one (1) additional recommendation letter. This recommendation can be from a community member, a teacher, or a guidance counselor.

  4. Submit your Student Resume. Include wrestling accomplishments, academic achievements, and volunteer activities.

  5. Submit a professional photo.

  6. Submit this completed application. 

Application Questions:

  1. Short Essay- (500 Words) How have sports impacted your life?


  2. Describe yourself in 5 words.


  3. What is your favorite memory, moment, or event that you have experienced during your time as an Inner City Wrestler?



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