What Types of Charitable Programs Does United Charitable Fiscally Sponsor?

Since United Charitable is NOT cause-specific, you can apply for fiscal sponsorship for almost any type of charitable program. We currently sponsor more than 300 charitable programs across the country. Our programs focus on a wide variety of causes — from animal welfare, to veterans’ issues, and everything in between!

How it Works

Fill out the Application for Fiscal Sponsorship. You must have at least $5,000 in funding or pledges confirmed in writing. The application fee to become a fiscally sponsored program is $1,000 ($300 is non-refundable if not accepted). Once accepted as a fiscally sponsored program at United Charitable, you are free to obtain grant funding and raise tax-deductible donations from the public. (Due to legal limitations, however, Program Managers and their family members are not allowed to donate their own funds to the program). The funds you raise are then sent to United Charitable for deposit into a segregated account. You, as the Program Manager, may request disbursement of these funds to carry out your charitable mission.

Since United Charitable handles all the administration for your program, you are free to do your charitable work!

Costs and Fees

For the comprehensive administrative and legal services, capacity-building resources, and back-office support that United Charitable provides, we charge 8% of the incoming donations that are made to the program.

The fee for all grant funding from government and foundation sources is 12%. The fee is higher due to the increased reporting and auditing services that these grants require.

We charge an annual fee of $500 which includes the costs associated with your program's Risk & Liability Insurance coverage, payroll services, and usage of our enhanced fundraising platform.

Considering that most nonprofit organizations will spend between 20-30% of their annual revenue on administrative and overhead expenses, our fees are extremely nominal for the services and expertise that we provide!

For information about the differences between fiscal sponsorship and starting your own 501(c)(3) nonprofit, click here.

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