Charitable Journeys: Larry and Jan Mahieu & Genealogical Society of Flemish American (GSFA)

Jun 21, 2024

Larry and Jan have always been passionate about preserving cultural heritage. Their journey took an exciting turn when they discovered the Genealogical Society of Flemish American (GSFA) and its mission to promote Flemish heritage and genealogy.

Larry and Jan were captivated by the GSFA’s dedication to preserving Flemish American heritage and fostering education in genealogy. The society’s The Leon Buyse Library has evolved to boast the largest collection of Flemish genealogical records outside of Belgium. With resources and assistance readily available, the GSFA helps individuals trace their Flemish and Belgian roots, nurturing a deeper connection to their heritage.

Larry and Jan were impressed by the GSFA’s commitment to providing a welcoming space for exploration and learning. They were delighted to visit the American House in Roseville, Michigan, USA, where the GSFA’s library is housed. Here, they found a wealth of genealogy and Belgian heritage material, alongside friendly experts eager to assist. The newly established Belgian American Museum further enriched their experience, offering a glimpse into traditional cultural artifacts and memorabilia. By sharing their enthusiasm and contributing to the GSFA’s efforts, Larry and Jan are playing a vital role in preserving Flemish American heritage for generations to come.

Larry and Jan’s partnership with the Genealogical Society of Flemish American exemplifies the power of individual commitment in preserving cultural heritage. Through their support and advocacy, they are helping the GSFA fulfill its mission of promoting pride in Flemish heritage and fostering genealogical education. To learn more about the Genealogical Society of Flemish American, visit their website! 

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