Charitable Journeys: The Bond Family and Lincoln Memorial University

Apr 5, 2024

In this narrative celebrating personal philanthropy, we share the compelling story of Lowell M. Bond-a man who, despite overcoming personal hardships, left an enduring impact on his family and the community.  Having come from a small town in rural southwest Virginia, Lowell experienced many challenges, including the financial responsibility of caring for a mother and three sisters when his father died suddenly and unexpectedly when Lowell was still in high school.  While visiting the area, the president of Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) heard Lowell address a school function.

Immediately recognizing the young man’s unlimited potential but aware of Lowell’s very limited monetary resources, he offered Lowell a work-study program at the university in order to allow Lowell to continue his education.  Once enrolled at LMU, Lowell enthusiastically participated in this uniquely-tailored program.  When World War II broke, he decided to move north, to Detroit, to complete his studies there. Once relocated, Lowell pursued a degree in Chemistry at Wayne State University, and then contributed to the war effort by working in the repurposed chemistry labs of Ford Motor Company.

Upon his departure from LMU, Lowell left all of his earnings from his student days to that institution in gratitude for the charity that they had bestowed upon him.   In honor and memory of their father, the Bond family actively upholds his values through their ongoing commitment to higher education.  Through the Lowell M. Bond Memorial Scholarship, funds are granted to eligible and financially-disadvantaged students in the Appalachian environs.  While it is not limited to specific academic pursuits, the scholarship is available to any student with a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Embracing Lowell’s legacy and dedication to educational advancement, the Bond family today continues this program, extending opportunities to future generations.  The scholarship represents a symbol of hope, ambition, perseverance and commitment to educational empowerment.  It serves as a testament to the importance of ensuring and maintaining these values.  Accordingly, the family invites others to consider the profound impact that such strategic giving can have on others.


A photograph of Lowell and a photograph of a scholarship recipient accepting the honor at a student recognition event are shown above. Images provided by the Bond family.

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