Charitable Journeys: The I Will Wait for You: The Rick Salmastrelli Foundation

Mar 29, 2024

In memory of the late Rick Salmastrelli, The I Will Wait for You: The Rick Salmastrelli Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund of United Charitable, takes pride in administering The Rick Salmastrelli Scholarship. This scholarship stands as a tribute to Rick’s unwavering dedication to community-focused student athletes and his selfless spirit. Continue reading to learn more about the scholarship and its profound influence on the graduating seniors of Lawrence High School who exemplify the qualities cherished by Rick!

The enduring legacy of Rick Salmastrelli is characterized by his profound affection for student athletes and the sporting endeavors they pursued. Despite his untimely departure due to cancer in September 2011, his memory persists through this scholarship. Rick transcended being a mere enthusiast; he was the ultimate supporter, advocate, and cheerleader for the sports teams of Lawrence. His contagious optimism and resolute commitment to his community endeared him to the Lawrence High School community.

This scholarship was conceived to pay homage to senior athletes at Lawrence High School who not only excel in their respective sports but also embody robust community-focused attributes. The scholarship program seeks individuals who go the extra mile to inspire their teams, perform at their best, and exhibit a profound dedication to both their teammates and the community at large. Annually, the scholarship acknowledges a senior athlete who embodies the same positive, team-building qualities that Rick epitomized throughout his lifetime.

Over the course of the past twelve years, The I Will Wait for You: The Rick Salmastrelli Foundation has taken pride in awarding $12,000 in scholarships to thirteen exceptional athletes. These recipients embody the spirit of Rick Salmastrelli, perpetuating his legacy by carrying their exceptional attitudes and team dedication to a higher echelon in college. This scholarship program not only pays tribute to Rick’s memory but also empowers the student leaders of Lawrence High School, inspiring them to contribute to their communities.

The Rick Salmastrelli Scholarship stands as a touching homage to a man who brought boundless enthusiasm and encouragement to the realm of high school sports. As the foundation persists in commemorating Rick’s memory and emboldening the student leaders of Lawrence High School, it reflects upon the remarkable impact he had on the community and the athletes he held dear. The legacy of Rick Salmastrelli shall endure indefinitely, etching an indomitable imprint on the hearts of Lawrence.

To learn more about The I Will Wait for You: The Rick Salmastrelli Foundation, visit their website! To hear more from those directly involved with The I Will Wait for You: The Rick Salmastrelli Foundation and other United Charitable Donor Advised Funds, check out our Donor Stories page!

Meet the 2023 recipient!

Maia is a selfless, caring, responsible, respectful, and trustworthy student with a 4.2 GPA and membership in the National Honor Society. She embodies a “we over me” mentality and excelled in basketball and lacrosse, serving as the varsity basketball team captain during her junior and senior years. Beyond school, she dedicated her time to volunteering at the Princeton YMCA, traveling with Operation Smile, and working at Wegman’s. Maia is the recipient of a $1000 scholarship and will attend Seton Hall University in the fall, Rick’s Alma Mater!

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