Charitable Journeys: Hannibal Navies and the Richard D. Navies Fund

Dec 29, 2023

“Nothing you will ever do in life is more important than the legacy you leave for your children.”

Richard D. Navies

The legacy we leave behind is a testament to our values and passions. Today, we are proud to spotlight Hannibal Navies, our Vice President of Development at United Charitable, and the profound impact he’s making through the Richard D. Navies Fund. Embodying the belief that leaving a legacy is paramount, Hannibal has turned his late father’s mantra into a vibrant reality.

Richard D. Navies, as the coordinator of the African American Studies Department at Berkeley High School, left an indelible mark on education. Under his guidance, the program flourished, offering a rich array of courses in African American History, Literature, Theatre, Swahili, and Dance. Today, Hannibal honors his father’s passion for African American history, literature, and culture through the Richard D. Navies Fund —a donor advised fund of United Charitable that focuses on the preservation of Black History through education and special initiatives.

The Richard D. Navies Fund, created by Hannibal, serves as a testament to his commitment to preserving and advancing his father’s legacy. Through this fund, contributions are strategically directed toward initiatives that promote Black History education and cultural preservation. It’s a heartfelt tribute that aligns seamlessly with the principles instilled by Richard D. Navies, emphasizing the profound impact of intentional philanthropy.

Hannibal Navies not only carries forward his father’s legacy but also extends his passion for creating legacies to others. As the VP of Development at United Charitable, Hannibal plays a pivotal role in helping current and former professional athletes forge their own philanthropic legacies. Through United Charitable’s concierge philanthropic services division for professional and retired athletes, Athletes Charitable, he guides and empowers them to make a lasting impact in areas they are passionate about.

Hannibal Navies exemplifies the transformative power of preserving a legacy through philanthropy. The Richard D. Navies Fund stands as a beacon for those who believe in the enduring impact of intentional giving. As we celebrate the legacy of Richard D. Navies and the dedication of Hannibal, we invite you to join us in supporting initiatives that preserve and promote Black History. Together, we can ensure that meaningful legacies continue to shape our world.


Photos provided by Hannibal Navies. 

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