Charitable Journeys: Kyla Remus and New Beginnings Animal Rescue

Nov 9, 2023

Kyla Remus is a compassionate individual who is dedicated to making a difference in her community through philanthropy. Kyla’s philanthropic journey took a special turn when she discovered New Beginnings Animal Rescue, an organization with a remarkable history. Born out of the financial crisis in Detroit in 2010, New Beginnings Animal Rescue (NBAR) is a No-Kill, 501(c)(3), Non-Profit cat rescue that focuses 100% of their energy, time, money, and effort on providing the best care for the cats in their rescue as they work diligently towards finding loving, adoptive homes for them.

Initially started as a food pantry to provide pet food to those who could not afford it to support the owners’ ability to keep their pets in their homes, New Beginnings Animal Rescue eventually launched a foster program with the goal of keeping pets in their homes and families. Kyla’s connection with this organization began when they held an adoption event in her apartment complex. Impressed by their dedication, she started following them on social media and attending their events. Eventually, Kyla became a volunteer of the organization, which is fully run on volunteer work.

In 2010, Kyla adopted her beloved cat, Paris, from New Beginnings Animal Rescue. She deeply appreciates the organization’s commitment to finding the best fit for both animals and their new owners, highlighting their strong community orientation. Today, Kyla volunteers at the rescue, embodying her passion for making a difference in the lives of animals. Kyla also merges her professional skills as a yoga instructor with her charitable journey, hosting ‘kitten yoga’ classes. These unique sessions allow adoptable animals to join yoga classes, providing not only a source of funding but also a heartwarming opportunity for participants to connect with these furry companions.

Kyla’s story is a testament to the transformative power of personal experiences and passion. Her dedication to New Beginnings Animal Rescue, combined with her strategic approach to giving through a Donor Advised Fund, showcases the remarkable impact one individual can have. It also encourages all of us to reflect on our own philanthropic journeys and explore diverse ways to contribute to causes that resonate with our hearts. Whether through donations, volunteering, or innovative initiatives like ‘kitten yoga,’ we can all make a difference in our communities and beyond.


Kyla’s cat, Paris, whom she adopted from New Beginnings Animal Rescue.

An adoptable feline attendee at a Kitten Yoga event.

Kitten Yoga event to benefit New Beginnings Animal Rescue.

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