October 2023

The Latest From United Charitable

This month, we are highlighting how our community of inspired changemakers uses the various charitable vehicles offered by United Charitable to support the causes they care about and recapping United Charitable’s most recent Give Back Event, a motivational speaking engagement with Rennie Curran held for middle and high schools students in Lawrence, NJ!

United Charitable is thrilled we were able to bring Rennie Curran, former NFL player, keynote speaker, and founder of the Game Changers Foundation, to address middle and high school students in Lawrence, New Jersey! Rennie shared his experiences with hardship and building character with the students, outlining what it means to ‘win the game before the game.’ Students were able to share their own thoughts on how they can prepare to be a game changer, not only in athletics but in their communities. We also distributed signed copies of Rennie’s book, Free Agent.


Learn more about how Jack Forbes, a Donor Advised Fund client of United Charitable, has supported an organization creating an impact in his community.

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