Executive Insights with Julia Healey: September 2023

Sep 11, 2023

Time, Talent, and Treasure: How You Can Create Impact

When I think about this next topic, I think of the Care Bear Stare. The Care Bears was a popular cartoon when I was growing up. The Care Bear Stare is when all the care bears stand together and shine their light on the problem creating a rainbow of light shining down on an issue. Each Care Bear had a different characteristic for what they were named; Cheer Bear, Share Bear, and Tenderheart Bear, my favorite. He led with his heart and believed in creating a community of kindness. The Care Bear Stare happens when all the different care bears come together and shine their best qualities into a situation to help solve the problem. I remember, as a kid, thinking this concept was great. My gift is talking (I would be a chatter bear); I could use my voice to help solve problems. The care bear stare didn’t hurt any enemies; it was used to heal their friends or the situation. I loved them growing up. 

This concept came to mind when I thought about people donating their time, talent, or treasure. Let’s see how we can use our special power to create change. 



To donate time is to use one’s time and effort to help others. 63% of respondents to United Charitable’s most recent client survey volunteer their time to the causes they support. I have seen clients volunteer to serve as a big brother to a child. People choose to sit on the board of a non-profit. I have seen clients hand out food at a soup kitchen. I love to see all the volunteers at my church. There is a waiting list at church to serve on the committee that volunteers to decorate the church at Christmas. My husband regularly volunteers for Wreaths Across America. Time is an amazing gift to give to help create change. 



To donate talent is to contribute a skill you have to help an organization. For example, can you cook? You can help cook for Meals on Wheels. Doctors and Lawyers donate their expertise pro-bono.  What talents do you have that can help promote a cause or create change? 



Giving away your treasure (money) is also needed to help charities fulfill their mission. We have seen clients donate directly to a charity, but there are other approaches to consider. 

Our clients also use a Donor-Advised Fund. This is a charitable saving account held at a public charity where you recommend organizations to receive distributions from the fund, but all administrative duties and vetting are handled by the charity.

You could also focus on planned giving by naming a charity in your will or designating a charity as a life insurance beneficiary. 

There are also other vehicles to consider, like charitable trusts, a pooled income fund or a private foundation. 

No matter how you choose to take part in philanthropy, the goal is for all of us to participate.  We can use our strength to come together and shine our light on the world, just like the Care Bears. 

Executive Insights Series

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