Supporting Your Cause: How Philanthropy Is Different For Everyone

One of my favorite moments with clients is when they are truly inspired. You can hear the passion and excitement in their voices. You hear why the cause is so important and needs immediate support. You also hear the gratitude that they feel for having a DAF. A DAF is a charitable saving account where the money is already set aside and can be donated immediately to a 501(c)3, religious organization, or educational institution.

One client came to us truly in an uproar. He was shocked that fathers do not have more rights in this country. He wanted us to help him find a 501(c)3 that: allows fathers to create better relationships with their children;  advises fathers on their custodial rights; supports father-children relationships after separation/divorce; and focuses on the health of those relationships and facilitating the father’s presence in the children’s lives. We were able to vet four different charitable options for him; Dads Evoking Change, The Father’s Rights Movement, United Fathers of America Inc, and the National Parents Organization. This is a service United Charitable loves to provide.

We also have another client that has decided to use his DAF to stand up to human trafficking. As an immigrant, he feels it is his purpose in life to bring awareness to this cause. As part of his mission, he decided to conduct site visits to all the charities he is supporting: Luv Em Up Ministries, American Red Cross, Sunflower Network, and Rescue Task Force.

Also, when a major event happens, you can see the charitable dollars flying out the door! A great example is the California Fires; a client was able to send a check in the same week to the Fire Safe Council for Monterey County. FSCMC is committed to reducing the risk of wildfire loss of life, property, and resources and educating the public on wildfire dangers.

These are three different examples of how we see our clients supporting a cause.  Do you have a super important cause but are unsure what charities to support? Below is a list of things to consider:

  • How long has the charity been around?
  • How is it being funded; grants, individual donors, or events?
  • What are its impact metrics?
  • How many different programs does it run and what location is it focused on?
  • Can you schedule a site visit?
  • Does it have a sustainability plan or endowment?
  • Does it have an independent board?
  • What is the turnover rate of the executive director?
  • Does it serve or solve your cause?
  • What type of communication does it provide to donors?

United Charitable is here to help you determine how to support the causes that are important to you.  Contact us to get started on your charitable journey.

Executive Insights Series

We are thrilled to continue our new article series, Executive Insights, authored by our very own CEO, Julia Healey. With her extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, Julia will be sharing her insights on the latest trends in philanthropy, with a focus on Donor Advised Funds.

These articles will cover a range of topics. We hope that our community of inspired changemakers will find these articles informative and thought-provoking as we delve into the ever-changing world of philanthropy.

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