July 2023

This month, we’re highlighting how our community of inspired changemakers uses the various charitable vehicles offered by United Charitable to create an impact around the globe!

Check out the interactive map below to see the countries that are home to the organizations United Charitable’s clients support and hear more from United Charitable CEO Julia Healey in her most recent Executive Insights Article.

United Charitable clients have recommended grants to charitable organizations in over 40 countries! Want to learn more about how to facilitate international giving using a turnkey philanthropic solution? Reach out to United Charitable today!

Inspired Changemakers In Action

Buy One Build One

Buy One Build One, a corporate giving program of United Charitable started by Brush Arbor Homes in 2016, is driven to help serve people. Through their holistic approach and collaboration with specialized groups, they aim to address various needs including building homes and providing essential services to those who have never had access before. Read More

Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict

Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict strives to end violations against children in armed conflicts and to guarantee their rights. As a global network, Watchlist builds partnerships among local, national and international non governmental organizations, enhancing mutual capacities and strengths. Read More

The Latest from the United Charitable Team

Inspired Changemakers Podcast

The Inspired Changemakers podcast, hosted by United Charitable CEO Julia Healey, will be holding impactful conversations with guests who help people and change the world.

Subscribe here to hear our first three episodes on July 20th!

The Latest Athletes Charitable News

Athletes Charitable, a division of United Charitable created by and for professional athletes, makes a positive impact on the world by empowering athletes through social entrepreneurship.

Check out their recent achievements and latest updates here!

Build a Legacy that Lives On

If you’d like to consider setting up a Donor Advised Fund or other remembrance gift, our team is here, ready to help you build a legacy that lives on.

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