Charitable Journeys: Mary Beth Morgan Legacy Foundation

Jun 29, 2023

The Mary Beth Morgan Legacy Foundation, a donor-advised fund of United Charitable, was established in 2016 by the Morgan family with a profound purpose: to honor the extraordinary life and enduring memory of Mary Beth Morgan. Mary Beth’s husband, Mark Morgan, and sons, CPT Jay Morgan and Dr. Will Morgan, serve as co-advisors of this remarkable fund.

At its core, the Mary Beth Morgan Legacy Foundation is a testament to the everlasting impact of helping others. By championing causes such as education, religious and faith-based charities, environmental initiatives, medical and scientific programs, aiding the homeless, supporting the impoverished, and caring for military service members and their families, this foundation perpetuates the legacy Mary Beth Morgan left behind.

Mark, Jay, and Will seek out impactful nonprofit organizations to support through the Mary Beth Morgan Legacy Foundation. From the Cameron K Gallagher Foundation to The Peavey Project Inc, from The National Alliance on Mental Illness to Freedom Service Dogs Inc, and from the Richmond SPCA to The Wounded Warrior Project and many others, each selection holds special significance. Some organizations are chosen due to a personal connection to their mission, while others are carefully selected because their vision aligns harmoniously with the values cherished by Mary Beth’s enduring legacy, which serves as a guiding mission statement for the fund. Through their inspiring endeavors, this exceptional family demonstrates the power of service and giving lives on, forever embodying the essence of Mary Beth’s unwavering spirit.

Photos provided by the Mary Beth Morgan Legacy Foundation. 

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