Wicked Awesome Wishes: Providing Relief During COVID-19

May 21, 2020


Lady Jane’s Haircuts for Men is a “wicked awesome” men’s hair cut establishment headquartered in Michigan. Their CEO and Founder, Chad Johnson, started his company in 2004 with the vision to “set out each day to make the Lady Jane’s experience better for each and every guy.”

In 2013 Lady Jane’s CEO followed a lifelong passion to give back to his community.

He applied for fiscal sponsorship and established  Wicked Awesome Wishes. Its mission is to give assistance directly to those in need, surprising and delighting those who thought they didn’t have a chance, and giving to those who have fallen on bad times.

WAW Team in Jamaica

The WAW Team in Jamaica where they built a school for children.

The WAW Team celebrates its donation of a Playscape to an inner-city school in Detroit.

Over the years,  Wicked Awesome Wishes, a fiscally sponsored program of United Charitable, has donated in many ways to their community both locally and abroad. Not only providing financial assistance to individuals, but also building a school for children in Jamaica, donating a playscape in a disadvantaged neighborhood of Detroit, providing dream come true moments by granting “wicked awesome wishes” to children in need, and much more.

This April, Lady Jane’s and  Wicked Awesome Wishes partnered in the quest to provide financial assistance to stylists and their families as they were negatively affected by COVID-19.  Wicked Awesome Wishes helped Lady Jane’s deliver more than $100,000 in grants to stylists in need during the pandemic. They were able to support almost 500 stylists.


Wicked Awesome Wishes shows true perseverance,

even during a pandemic that directly affected their business and charitable program,

they remained active in their mission to provide for those in need.


Here are their tips:

  • Take time out of your busy schedule to give back to your community
  • Say thank you, for your success, by helping others who have not been as blessed
  • Recruit others to join your mission to help those in need
  • Spend one hour a day focused on helping the less fortunate



To learn more about their program visit them here: Wicked Awesome Wishes
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