Global Outreach: Global Legacy Programs

May 14, 2020

United Charitable’s campaign of Perseverance focuses on our amazing fiscally sponsored programs that are shifting and adapting to keep their missions active. This week, we are highlighting Global Legacy Programs.

Global Legacy Programs Logo

Global Legacy Programs is a Fiscally Sponsored Program of United Charitable.

Over the years, Global Legacy Programs, a fiscally sponsored program of United Charitable since 2008, has donated in many ways to its global community. Their mission is to support or initiate projects with a high impact on health, education, and the advancement of women and children in poor rural communities.

Global Legacy Programs provides much-needed services to underprivileged communities around the world including Uganda, Cambodia, Haiti, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, and more.


As we all know, COVID-19 has changed everyday life in nations across the world, but Global Legacy Programs tells us that, especially in rural poverty-stricken regions of Uganda, people are suffering.

As a result, Global Legacy Programs has been working diligently to promote its most current campaign to combat food shortages in the Bunakigiya, Uganda region.

Children from Bunakigiya, Uganda Thanking Sister Susana for Easter Food.

Children from Bunakigiya, Uganda Thanking Sister Susana for Easter Food.

Global Legacy Programs showed their perseverance and positivity by immediately campaigning to raise funds to support the Campbell Orphanage in a Bunakigiya. In recent years, Global Legacy Programs built a school in Bunakigiya to support children in nursery and primary education. Today, due to the virus, the school is closed, however, mothers keep coming in the hope of receiving food for their children and families. With the generous donations Global Legacy Programs collects from their campaign, they expect to deliver vital support in the form of basic food items to a community that is desperately in need.

Global Legacy Programs Offers 5 Tips

  • Remember to address support to the lesser served communities. The ones that are not connected with and supported by mega charities.
  • During this time, prioritize food and masks because they are essential to survival.
  • If you cannot help financially, you can keep in touch with grassroots local projects and find other ways to support them. Stay connected with them;  let them know they are not forgotten.
  • Send documentation such as a photo attachment to donors.  Create and foster an ongoing link between donors and the people and communities they support.
  • There are hundreds of charities pleading for funds, make sure the public knows why you are different.

Children eating a meal.

Children eating a meal at the Campbell Orphanage in Bunakigiya, Uganda.

To learn more about their program, visit them here: Global Legacy Programs
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